Tuesday, August 26, 2008

asal hujan everyday?!?!
trained under the rain just now and fever is back!

pms + fever + sore throat + cough + flu + headache

well, don't wanna curse so much larh..
I want to recover a.s.a.p. can?
Sunday is the big day!

after Sue's birthday celebration at Dragon-i,
we continued at Euphoria..
it was my 1st time though..
Thanks Sasha! I love u woman! :D

look at Lee Wai Ming.. damn excited!
imagine what will happen on his wedding night.. :P

and I've no comment for this man!
oh Joshua oh Robert!


remember this? we supposed to act drunk but I damn potong..

but this time Zoe potong lorh! :P

group pic group pic! (:


Alice Teh said...

"Oh Joshua, oh Robert" - oh I pengsan~~

Ya adik Karena, I don't want to imagine what will happen on UncleLee's (eh, UncleJosh's) wedding night. *shudder*

Alice Teh said...

Oh and get well soon, Karena!

Karena said...

[alice teh]
aww kak alice! muacks for u! thanks woh! (:

littlecicak said...

I'm not in the picture. -_-"

ZeeeeeYin said...

Babe. u went euphoria till wut time?

Karena said...

ya woh.. where were u? dancing with which chic? :P

hey babe! urm 2 sth 3 lidat lo.. y? u were there too? o.O