Friday, August 29, 2008

another outdated post..
few weeks ago,
went to Advertlets special screening for Wall-e!

my last minute dinner at Burger King..

siao with Kenny a.k.a Ah Choo, driver of the day! (:

my kawan baik since form 2!
finally we took a ''proper'' cam-whoring picture.. :D

and finally I took a pic with ah sou..

with Harry and girlfriend..
aww spot the purple! (:

with Ewin and girl friend.. not girlfriend okay? hahaha

by the way I'm sorry weh Ewin! Last weekend I was sick! Can't support you! ):

Eu veng veng veng!

Ah choo, me, Ji Yuan and Wilson..

and susu didn't bring his camera! >.<

Avril Lavigne, anyone?


Alice Teh said...

Waaaah adik Karena, since working in PJ, I sudah long time din go to Burger King. Hmmm... quite missed it.

Nice pics! Wow, you and UncleJosh sudah kawan lama! :)

EVo said... i became Eu Veng veng veng liao.

Dun la. macam budak kecik eh. EVo sounds so much better. hey what happened to the pics from ur camera? we took a few shots right? i want!

Yeah, after braces come out kena pakai retainer la..dun so happy 1st :P

So what plans ya got4merdeka eve?got countdown anywhere?

Seizhin said...

Looking great as usual!

Karena said...

[alice teh]
haha kak alice.. but fast food not good for health woh.. lol

err.. all the pic macam sama jer.. so didnt upload lo.. HAHA

thanks sz! (: