Wednesday, August 20, 2008

outing with my emo babe at Pavilion, again..
I really do miss you okay?
not 'so called'! :D

oh by the way,
you're not tanned..
if you're tanned then I'm hangus!

she loves me!
Daniel jangan jealous k? :P

after cam-whoring in the toilet,
headed to Carlos for SS session..

the babe had her favourite long island..

Cameron Highland babe! :D

p/s: sorry for the short post weh.. I'm very kinda lazy lorh.. hahah!

oh boy, thanks for the flowers! (:

20-08-2008 is a special day!


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Alice Teh said...

Woooooo adik Karena dapat bunga cantik! Best! :D

Karena said...

[alice teh]
tapi skarang sudah layu woh.. LOL