Monday, August 18, 2008

so yeah,
after the WCG thingy and lunch at Planet Hollywood,
Pon Pon and me took cab to Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil for High School Musical on Ice..

I'm not childish..
it's just that Ikmal offered us free tickets and I love my kawan.. :D

3 of us..

because of my lovely cousin Amber Cheow,
I watched HSM for truckload of times and I remember all the screen..

the real Zac and Vanessa weren't there..
but people still willing to buy ticket to watch the show..

banyak orang kan?

one of the few stalls which sell HSM merchandise..

we cam-whored before Ikmal left..

we cam-whored after Ikmal left, too! :D

*ya, we're wearing the same Zara dress and skinnies.. (:

once again, thanks Ikmal for the ticket.. muacks for you kawan! (:

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