Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sue's 21st

Sue celebrated her 21st at Dragon-i, Sunway Pyramid..
17 people came and 16 of us are bloggers!
how cool weh! :D

cam-whoring in the car is a must! (:

1st cam-whoring pic of the day with Sherry mommy.. (:

with the birthday girl woman!

' We are sue-ing u! Happy 21st! '

*blow blow blowwwww*

with Sasha, the hot babe! (:

Wen Wen Wen and Zoe Zoe Zoe!

Sherry mommy is in every pic!

my long lost Mr. Wong is back! don't M.I.A. again okayyy?

with mommy, Sasha, 2 Stephanies and the birthday woman..

I shouldn't put the camera there weh.. =/

Mr. Wong tak mau cam-whore with me!
konon 'Say Tak Nak to Cam-whore! '

with Bravo and Roti Telur + Kari Ikan Shaun.. :P

the another two D60..

I know it looks kinda wrong but hey, this is my favourite photo of the day! :D


Charles Key said...

dear, y I always see u with a D60 lately one?hmm..

Alice Teh said...

Wah adik Karena, happy birthday to your friend! :D

I like the sunflower you're holding! hehe...

UncleJosh said...

who said it's two d60???

Karena said...

[charles key]
coz u using d60 oso ma.. so i use oso lorh! haha.. kd la.. (:

[alice teh]
haha kak! whens ur bday den? will get u sunflower! :P

uh huh? bukan ke? den? o.O

Alice Teh said...

Adik so nice. haha! My bday on 25 Sep! terima kasih in advance... :P

Karena said...

[alice teh]
alrite! i'll remember tat! :D