Monday, August 25, 2008

Today's birthday boy:

~~!! Benjamin Looi Chien Mun !!~~

okay.. his birthday was actually on 24th of August..

Well, this guy is one of my best boy friends. I call him mun mun. No! You can't call him that! Only me, Karena Cheow Wei Wei allowed to call him mun mun! hahah. I share all my secrets, happiness and problems with this guy. He can keeps secrets and urm, ya sometimes he comes out with some cold lame jokes! Guess what? He's my only best friend yang tidak pernah gaduh with me! How cool weh! You rock man! :D

Happy 18th Birthday, the future singer!


Alice Teh said...

Hi adik Karena, it's really nice to have someone like your Benjamin in whom you can pour your heart out. Happy belated birthday to your good friend! :)

Karena said...

[alice teh]
ya woh.. he's a great fren! (:

samanthacje said...

whoa u know benjamin???

Karena said...

yaa know him for few years edi.. haha.. u too? (: