Sunday, August 17, 2008

WCG 2008

woke up early in the morning to attend this WCG thingy at Midvalley..
no, I didn't play..
I know nothing bout games.. =/

the stage damn nice kan?


my kawans a.k.a one of the nuffnang bloggers team.

neffnang? O.O

Nicholas, Robb and Timothy..
omg muka serious! xD

Kin Weng and Kah Mun..
omg muka serious 2! lol.

I brought my babe along! (:

the human spider was there, too..
someone curi tulang! :P

with Robb..

with Nicholas..

my bastard kawan a.k.a. skinny ah pek was there too! :D

headed to Pavilion after that..
had lunch at Planet Hollywood..

before that,
we cam-whore in the car!

it's bulan hantu..
don't party too much peeps! xD

tanned tanned tanned! >.<


iCalvyn said...

Long time i never tough on game already... have to find some time, hang out with friend at CC...

Nicholas Chay said...

it was fun!

Jeffro said...

wow.. seriously tanned liao.. O_O

Karena said...

im worst weh.. tak pernah pergi cc.. lol

[nicholas chay]
ya woh.. cant wait to see u agn! (:

ya wohh.. sad kan? ):

Alice Teh said...

Saya tak tau main game... :S

Karena said...

[alice teh]
i oso dunno how to play game 1.. lol.. the sim i noe la..hahahah! :P