Thursday, August 28, 2008

its 5am now and guess what?
I slept for 12 hours!
now only left cough, sore throat and flu..

thanks everyone for being so concern weh..
muackss for all of u! (:

I miss school!

I miss cam-whoring and berborak-ing with 4 science 1 weh..
didn't attend school for 2 months already.. ):

I miss the bitchy moments with TBC members!

for example, bitch around at each other's place for the whole day!

I miss camping!

yeah, I still miss camping although I went to 5 camps this year..

remember this?

I just found out another zha-ing pic of the day! :D

took this pic not long ago at Tony Romas and I'm posting this because I'm hungry!
tak makan for 16 hours already weh.. >.<

it's hujan lebat-ing now!
how how how?
I hope they don't cancel the training la because yours truly loves training now!


Alice Teh said...

Adik Karena, glad to know you're feeling better now. :)

I can see you really like to 'zha'!! *pengsan* LOLOL

I hope everything will go well for you and your kawan-kawans on National Day!

That's One Law said...

Wow! You are really 'danger' for boys! I tell myself that I will declare 'CAUTION and WARNING!' if I meet you outside! huh...swt...

Karena said...

[alice teh]
kak alice! thanks thanks thanks!
well not betul betul zha 1 la.. dun worried! :D
and I hope sunday ni tak hujan la.. if not die weh!

[that's one law]
oi.. sai mou? sept we'll see each other everyday kat skolah woh.. HAHAHA!