Wednesday, September 3, 2008

before concert,
met up with Bryan at Pavilion for lunch..
my very 1st time makaning at the food court.. (:

yo Mojosh, we tried it! :D

took monorail to Stadium Merdeka after that..
damn fugging packed lo!
public transport sucks weh!

Bryan got the free tickets from Hotlink and they had this refreshment session for us..
I thought they will only served drinks and some snacks..
manatau buffet weh! hahaha

spot the red! (:

semut beratur-ing! :P

the crowd around 7 something..

around 8 something, hujan!
of course, they provided raincoat..
thanks Hotlink because our seats ada bumbung!

the crowd around 9 something..

the concert mula at 9.20pm..
lated for 35 minutes!

after singing for around 70 minutes...

double sigh!

well, not a super fans of her so its okay..
was very tired as I had training in the morning..

thanks Bryan for inviting!
and I grabbed most of the pic from him! :P

yours truly lazy to upload the video can?


samanthacje said...

you guys got free food! =( as bryan was so nice to sms me about it as we sit under the rain =s

Lynn said...

You went to the concert!?

Karena said...

lol he sms-ed u? lol.. so bad weh! ahahha! well at least u guys dpt raincoat wat! :P

haha yeah! (:

Alice Teh said...

Wah adik Karena, nice update! Some more got buffet. I dah lama tak makan buffet...

Karena said...

[alice teh]
kak alice! ur bday coming kan? jom we sama sama go makan buffet mau? :D

Alice Teh said...

wah, adik Karena can remember. *sayang* boleh... boleh... we ajak kawan-kawan like your unclejosh, mr wong, lagi siapa kita kenal punya?...

Karena said...

[alice teh]
haha invite anyone la! :D den we camho camho! eheheh