Saturday, September 6, 2008


Charles,ฉันรักคุณจัง! (:


Seizhin said...

How interesting, so the lucky one is called Charles?

Karena said...

haha yeah.. (:

reddishTea said...

translate translate!! =p

curryegg said...

Hello karena... you know...


Btw, I love your watch! Cooooll!

Karena said...

hahah sese! dunwan to tell u! :P

[curry egg]
haha sure la i noe.. if not i wont post it up.. hhaha!
my watch? hahah thanks! (:

Charles Key said...

I'm interested to know wht it meant...

reddishTea said...

bad wei wei! nvm nvm, nex time tell me personally. muahaha!

Karena said...

[charles key]
haha dear, will tell u personally! :P

hahaha! oi sese! come on9! nid to tok to u!

sheon said... speak thai?

Liam said...

whats that?
translate pls?

Karena said...

u faham thai oso ke? :P

hahah find a translator la.. :P

sheon said...

nah, i understand a few words (as in 2 or 3 words), hahaha... but i have some siamese colleagues here which i can rely on translating. :)

sheon said...

" waiting for smiles from the one you love and a visiting friend

charles - i love you"

Lynn said...

What language is it?Or did I land or Mars!

Karena said...

sth similiar to the text la..
but it shud be the smile is back, awesome bf n frens i have.

but the charles i love u betul la.. hahaha! but tambah very much at the back la.. (:

hey hun, its thai! lol u'r not in mars dun worry! :P

sheon said...

hahaha.....i'll go deduct some points off my colleague's annual appraisal form for giving me inaccurate information. hahahaha

Karena said...

LOL! dun weh! hahah kesian him weh! well at least its close to it.. 4get bout it la.. hahah.. (:

Asha said...

i was bloghoppin...

but got to stop right at this post :)
you know thai language? :P

amazing coz im sure you are not thai..and i saw u few times in simon to say you look pretty :P

Karena said...

hey girl! thanks for the compliment! (:

btw, ya im not thai, but im from thai heritage.. thats y.. hahah! (: