Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hahahaha! damn scary kan? :P

今天的我很想用华语写部落格.. 别问我为什么, 因为连我自己也不知道!

来过我家的朋友都应该知道我的房间有多乱吧? 哈哈哈! 今天下午我终于下定决心把我的房间整理干净! 哇, 原来我买了很多东西, 但完全没用过! 爸买了新的衣橱给我, 因为今年我实在买了太多太多的裙子和衣服! 不知怎么的, 突然间觉得自己很败家喔! 哈哈!

年尾大考快到了! 今年我的课外活动实在太多太忙了! 看来, 是时候好好温习了! 加油加油加油! (:

don't ask me why I blog in Chinese k?
well, just feel like doing it..

I'm sooooooooooooooo tired now!
heading to bed soon!
good night people! (:


sheon said...

hey, not bad. bought you a new cupboard, so you wanna tidy up. yeah, my dad should buy me a cupboard every year then!!

good luck for your year-end exam!

FireWire said...

what you writing there? banana doesnt understand ler

Alice Teh said...

Wow, adik Karena at bookshop! Not scary at all. LOL.

ChiA XiN said...

probably euu have forgotten me. anyway, eUU WENT TO KLCC YESTERDAY???
Omgggg. i went there too =)

Lynn said...

Hey! you understand mandarin!

Karena said...

walao u geng weh! i post in thai, u faham.. i post in chinse, u faham jugak! not bad not bad! hahahah! :D

hahahah! go la learn chinese! :P

[alice teh]
lol kak alice, but my fren said the way i laugh very scary woh.. LOL! was at pavilion TIMES book sales.. (:

[chia xin]
hey girl, i remember u la.. haha! (:
btw, i wasnt at KLCC woh.. o.O

ya, used to studied in chinese sku.. :D

millymin said...

aiyer... you halau me away from your blog isit.... I don't know Chinese k... ~tao yen~

sheon said...

i am spm certified one ah...dun play play. albeit a P7, but still pass mah!

good. i am very impressed by you. we should encourage more to learn some chinese (mandarin).

*thai i had to rely on my siamese colleagues lar....dun give me credit for it.

Hon Mun said...

selamat malam Karipop..

Karena said...

lol emily! but at least u noe wat is tao yen rite? AHAHAHHA

last year PMR i took chinese and for next year, ya.. taking oso.. LOL!

well next time when we meet agn we shud speak mandarin! :D

[hon mun]
omg loh hon mun u damn random! lol

sheon said...

bravo! i'm so proud of you!! well, ok..we speak mandarin, so the rest will have no idea what we r talking about ahahaha....

Karena said...

haha but SPM chinese aint easy la.. PMR easier.. >.<

yaa! next time we speack mandarin in front of them! LOL!

ChiA XiN said...

welll, paiseh, it seems like the bookshop in KLCC. omg omg
(embarassed) .
u sure?

Karena said...

[chia xin]
yaa.. i wasnt at klcc.. ahahah.. wrong person perhaps?

ChiA XiN said...

Nyahaha. maybe.
then, which bookshop are u in?? seems familiar o.O

Karena said...

[chia xin]
Times, pavilion. (: