Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love school!
well, sometime Physics and Add Maths classes are boring..
but I have a gang of awesome classmates!
4 Science 1 rocks la! :D

Ikmal Edris bin Saifuddin,
my cam-whore kaki and my CIMB buddies!

I'm loud..
even the teacher next class complaint bout it! lol

my choir mates.. (:

currently, this is our favourite lala pose! :D

I love my boyfriend! ♥♥


Charles Key said...

hmmm....lala pose wor....LOL..
My gf suddenly became a lala...haha

Alice Teh said...

Last time I kat sekolah cannot do like that but you all very seronok. LOL.

Karena said...

[charles key]
lol where got? berposing oni k? (:

[alice teh]
hahah kak alice! we curi curi bring camera 1.. :P said...

which one is ur bf? *nyek nyek*

Karena said...

my bf not in my sku la.. hahah! (: