Tuesday, September 16, 2008

last month,
went to Hwei Ming's place for satay celup gathering..
his place is actually 5 minutes from my place,
but Joshua Ong Yan Soon, the driver of the day, took more than 20 minutes to reached there..

that day I was kinda emo as I had some fights with the 'someone'..

part of the food..

the chefs of the day!
thanks guys! (:

we were sooooo full hence the cam-whoring sessions bermula!

Wilson, the guy who kept on complaining bout my hair, skin and blaaa..

Joshua OngYS!

Hwei Ming, the tuan rumah!
He's leaving to Manchester real sooooon!
all the best! (:

we had fun laughing..

we had fun eating!

Yatz had fun peeing! lmao

Nigel had fun playing and singing songs..

Hwei Ming had fun eating insects, no?

and Nigel and Aaron had fun errr.. no comment!

group pic:

it was supposed to be a ALL girls pic, but Sheon kacau! :P

and the guys joined us..

the ultraman or superman pose!

pushing pose?

okay, I'm not sure what pose is this..

of course, we took formal pic.. (:


Alice Teh said...

Another fun outing! :D

joshuaongys said...

ur fault la..

Karena said...

[alice teh]
lol ya kak alice! wooots 9 more days! ahem ahem!

lol u la tak percaya aku.. LOL
nvm la pengalaman ma hor.. :P

sheon said...

"but sheon kacau"..... hey, i didnt do anything...i just stood there!!!!


Charles Key said...

OMG...If in the future I marry u, then I ma become Charles bin smtg smtg???how la...LOL

Karena said...

LOL! how i noe woh.. u la tiba2 masuk oni! hahahaha! xD

[charles key]
lol dear, since when ur gf is a malay n muslim! >.<

Yap Chee Hong said...

hmm....i've seen the pics on joshuaongys blog i think , but hahaha , pushing pose...

yienyien said...

ee.. i like satay celup! where to find at KL??? i only noe the melakaaaaaasss

Karena said...

[yap chee hong]
yaa, joshua posted edi.. hahaha! pushing pose sounds wrong eh? =/

err i dunno woh? hahah u like ka? homemake la! :P

yienyien.com said...

eee.. homemake susah nak buat itu sauce leh... T.T

Karena said...

izit? i dunno weh.. coz i heard its homemade 1.. go n google the recipe la.. den we buat sama sama! :D