Wednesday, September 24, 2008

last Saturday,
went to Bijou Bazaar with my pon pon!
spent an hour to search for the place and 2 hours + to membeli-belah!
great bargain, people! (:

awwwww duckies!

my babe!

they had two floors of market places..

the lower floor

and the upper floor:

bumped into Jennifer!
she has a stall over there.. (:

an outing wouldn't complete without cam-whoring!

bumped into ah sou when we're about the leave..

took a cab and headed to KLCC..
pon pon had buffet with her friends around 6pm..
so I teman her for a while before they came..

chilling at Starbucks with the babe!
it's quite some time since we last met up..

we purposely went into the elevator to cam-whored..
random kan? :P

I know you love me! ahahaha!


Alice Teh said...

Everybody loves Karena! *GRIN*

What a fun day shopping!

Lynn said...

You've been updating a lot recently.

Karena said...

[alice teh]
awww i love kak alice! ahahah.. (:

yaa. actually im not suppose to blog tat much 1.. coz my final is coming. but hmm.. release stress? LOL! konon said...

karenaaa.. bring me go buy dress when i reach KL!!! ok? hehehe!

Karena said...

[yien yien]
lol.. u trust my taste ka? LOL! when r u coming to kl! come come come we camho! LOL

Charles Key said...

dear, did I saw red or dark pink?LOL... said...

yeah!!!!!! i love camho woi!!!! hehehehe! i like ur dresss bah.. can la can lah.. kia we go shopping! i m goin over at december!!!!

Karena said...

[charles key]
dear, erm it is a pink colour dress! lol i noe i hate pink la.. dun ask me y i wear pink weh.. Mamamia screening i wear pink oso.. =/

[yien yien]
december? REALLY? my birthday woi! LOL! AHAHAHH! okay tell me when u come okay? :D said...

Oh.. when is ur bday!!!?? tell me tell me! we go celebrate ya!!!!

Karena said...

[yien yien]
7th december.. when r u coming? LOL said...

hahaha! omg omg!!!! seriously ar??!!!!!! haha.. i m probably goin on the 5 or 6th! or mayb early a bit.. ! mine is an open ticket bcoz i not confirm with my exam papers yet mah.. but uni holidays start on the 5th and my exam shud be earlierr.. hahahahhaa

Karena said...

wah u'r in uni edi! LOL! come asap! cant wait to camho n gai gai with u! :D said...

hehe! wait for me!! u sch holidays hor.. then can teman me gai gai banyak banyak!! hahaha

Karena said...

yaaa.. no prob! :D