Friday, September 19, 2008

not long ago,
went to buka puasa at Planet Hollywood with my Muslim friends,

Ikmal, Jean, Azariq, Irwan and Kak Ayu.

I fasted for half day!
okay, not half day larh..
urm, few hours?

see! I respect my friends! (:

Jeannette Rachmania, the Indon

because of her,
the whole class speak Bahasa Indonesia!

basically, it's a buffet dinner..
they had local and international food..

hanya RM33++!!
it's damn cheap for buffet dinner lorh..


I'm a cam-whore blogger and I don't blog much bout food..

Ikmal Edris bin Saifuddin

with Kak Ayu, the stewardess
a.k.a. my neighbour
a.k.a. my neigbour's sister
a.k.a my classmate's sister
a.k.a Irwan's sister

conclusion : Irwan is my classmate and neighbour! lmao


FireWire said...

hmm..i thought Jeannette is your sister..are you sure you are Malaysian?

Karena said...

lol omg serious? hahaha.. she's so so so so so fair and im so so so so so tan..
ya I'm a Malaysian.. but from heritage of thai.. LOL

FireWire said...

the eyes have some resemblance. so you dont like to be tan? charles also have some heritage of thai..hehe

Karena said...

lol the eyes? haha..
erm not to say i dun like to be tan la.. well im quite proud of my skin colour actually.. tan is healthy! (: