Thursday, September 4, 2008

this is a very random post by the very random Karena..

yesterday night,
abang Simon added me into another conversation with Jamie and Jason..
guess what?
3 of them put my cam-whored pic with them as their display pic!

the so called 'Karena Festival'!

Jamie put this pic..

abang Simon put this pic..

Jason put this pic!

no, it's not my birthday..
we are just being random! hahah

they added Wai Seng and Kak Sandra..

Wai Seng put this pic..

Kak Sandra put this pic!
the only pic that I'm on right! :D

damn random, kan?
jom next tuesday we buat Simon festival okay? :D


Alice Teh said...

Adik Karena, like that also can? LOLOL. Very creative you all.

Seizhin said...

Aw, how cute, wish I would have the chance to have you in a pic with you dear *grins*

Karena said...

[alice teh]
hahah y cannot? we are bloggers! hahah

sure thing sz! come back to kl asap! (: