Sunday, September 14, 2008

today is 中秋节, mid autumn!
but I wanna blog about 国庆日, National Day, can?

well, actually I just wanna blog about the 2 months plus training for National Day..
yeah, I'm one of the performers..
don't laugh! >.<

we trained for few weeks in school, then, one month plus in Cochrane Sport School..
and few days at Merdeka Square..

present you the not-so-sexy-back!
that's Ikmal, proudly representing SMKSP!

we had been eating beside the longkang for one month plus!
the same chicken rice, EVERYDAY!

and training, sitting under the BIG hot sun, EVERYDAY!

now, I look EXACTLY like a MALAY!

well, took that pic not long ago with Swee Teng during camping..

I'm hungry!


Alice Teh said...

Adik Karena, actually I've been waiting for this practice post for some time edi... LOL.

You look betul-betul macam gadis ayu Melayu...

sheon said...

why would you be wearing a tudung?

Karena said...

[alice teh]
lol kak alice! hahaha! u noe la, adik karena malas 1 ma.. :P
ya woh.. macam melayu.. ):

because we had nothing better to do? LOL said...

karena!!!!!! omg omg omg!

Karena said...

lol omg kan? jom next time buat sama sama! :D said...

swt =.=" hehehe! u do i do. wuakakka!

Karena said...

LOL! u berani ke? after tat have to camho n blog 1 woh.. LOL said...

hahaha! of coz lah!! got ppl teman me ma.. nvm nvm!! HoHoHoho!!!

Karena said...

december we do sama2 k? :D said...

sure!!!! haha... and camho banyak banyak..

Karena said...