Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's birthday girl:

~~!! Michelle Phoon Yik Chi !!~~

I uploaded this photo because I'm so hungry right now.. LOL

okay, so today is my kawan terterterterterbaik's birthday!
couldn't celebrate with her as her birthday drops on Thursday, which is a school day..
well babe,
will celebrate with you on the holiday okay? (:

I got to know her when I transfered to SMK Convent Jalan Peel.. that time we're still in form 2. We used to hate each other! Why? Because she said my ex-bf a.k.a my bf that time looks very miang! I was so angry and ignored her for weeks. hahaha. I know, damn childish, right?
We got slightly closer during form 3 as we're chosen as probates. I have no idea why during that few months, we got damn close! Close as in very close. We even called each other TWINS as we sticked together all the time and whenever we go, we'll surely go together. Other than this, among the other TBC members, we are the meanest one. Others couldn't stand her attitudes, but I CAN! That's why we are so close now.. Yeah, we are the mean and selfish bitches! hahahah! One more thing, we are same height! (:

this year, I transfered to another school and we couldn't see each other or bergossip everyday!
that's sad okay?

I still remember that you'll come over to my place early in the morning when we've outing..

I was so happy and hugged you when I saw you registered at Genius Parade..

I missed you so much and went back CPR to visited you..

the 'tragedy' day!
thanks for being there for me when I'm lost and needed help..

because of that, we're late for tuition, but yet, we still managed to buy Burger King to class..

the foosing moment..

the random Tee moment!

the jumping moment!

I look like as if I'm biting my scarf.. -___-

the after school Starbucks-ing moment at Queens Park..

we love cam-whoring in front of the mirror!

the same colour, same brand, same size's skinnies..
I was shocked when you told me bout this! haha!

actually I kinda dislike this photo.. Why on Earth I look like a 5 feets kid?

  1. I was wearing skinnies which make my legs look shorter
  2. The babe besides me was wearing 3 inch wedges
  3. I'm actually 5 feets 5
  4. both of us are actually the same height
  5. DON'T wear heels or wedges when you hang out with me! Since you know I only wear flat shoes
  6. OMG, my mushroom hair!
  7. okay, end of explanation.

I love you, you love me,
We are the meanest bitches,
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you~~
Won't you say you love me too?


stop complaining that I've bigger boobs than yours because I think you have sexy lips!


you better love me more!
God knows how long I spent on this post! :P


Alice Teh said...

Happy birthday to Michelle!

P/S: We share the same birthday. Woot!

Karena said...

[alice teh]
yaa.. same bday! :D