Monday, September 29, 2008

warning: super long post consist of cam-whoring photos!

LeongZeeYin organized this not so successful ladies outing ..
only KarenaCheowWeiWei and JulienLimZhenWei were invited.. (:

I lated for 1 hour and Juuu lated for 2 hours..
poor Zyin waited for me at Starbucks alone for 1 whole hour!
sorry babe!

we had our little chilling session at Carlos..
as usual - shisha
but now I'm a good girlfriend so the poor Zying shisha alone..

her favourite..

We were so bored and cam-whored like nobody business while waiting for Juuu..
she lated for 2 hours!
Ya Allah Tuhanku! >.<

the starfruit ice-cream from Gelato Fruity is damn niceeee!

after our chik chik chak chak session,
Juuu finally came!
we weren't mad at her because we love her too much! :P

we ordered some chips with cheese as our appetizer..
guess what?
the waiter that I cam-whored with bout 2 months ago recognized us and treated us chicken wings!
7 drumsticks and 8 chicken wings!
so nice of him, right? (:

another two kawan terterterterterbaik of mine.. (:

we were so bored after our chilling session,
we had our 2nd chik chik chak chak session!

my babes!

we trust each other so much and share our little dirty secrets with each other! :P


Simon Seow said...

Let's camwhore tonight at Cineleisure lol

Jerry Ong said...

Hey nice blog you have and you know how to pose ya :) Cheers

Karena said...

[simon seow]
hahaha.. camho rox weh! :P

[jerry ong]
thanks! (: