Saturday, October 4, 2008

last Friday,
yeah, I know, another outdated post..
the kawan baik of mine held a small gathering at his place..
someone finally graduated hor? :P

I waited under the rain for almost half an hour to get a cab to his place after I woke up..
you owe me a lot, Mr. Joshua Lee Wai Ming!

he even 'invited' the guards to join us! *ahem*

It was supposed to be a potluck party,
but hor,
only AndrewMrWong and Kaden brought pizza and satay..

candid shot

with WendySter and the 'lovely couple' AndrewMrWong & ChangLihRenRenRen

JoshuaWaiMing was 'drunk', I think.

KadenOMG, MichaelYiLingJi and JoYeeMooMoo

ignore the caption, people!

omg Lee Wai Ming! since when I'm a Malay girl? -__-

after the gathering,
some of us headed to WongKok @ SS2 to continue our session..
YES! I'm a terrible killer!


Alice Teh said...

I'd love to attend but had to tell Uncle I can't because it's Friday!!! If I know it's his graduation party hor... I die die also show up. :(

Karena said...

[alice teh]
yaa he didnt let us noe its his graduation party oso.. last minute bagi tau.. lol