Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am not going to begin my post with 'not long ago' or 'another outdated post'

we had a very last minute trip to Malacca.
only 6 of us went but we had truckloads of fun!
thanks GaryMrTourGuide and WaiSengMrDriver! (:

obviously, I will cam-whore in the car!


our first stop:

chicken rice ball at this famous stall opposite the bank?

When I makan chicken rice balls hor, I'll be eating one after one without realizing that I actually had more than 5 in my perut already!

4 of us actually finished 6 portion of chicken rice balls!
after that,
we walked around Jonker street and waited for the tuan rumah, Gary!

mirror mirror! :P

our 2nd stop:

Nyonya food nearby the Jonker street

I found fishcake [鱼饼] in the rojak!

okay, I don't really fancy rojak as yours truly tak makan cucumber.
I ended up finishing the fishcake! *slurp*


I don't really fancy cendol as well because I don't eat the green colour thingy?

oh by the way, I brought Caramel along!

Cara looks damn chun with the shade can? (:

next stop:

Satay Babi around Jonker street

yes babehh! it's babiii! lmao

say no to cucumber or onion or whatsoever in the green plate!

I know larh this food post damn sien..
don't worry people!
the next post hor,
semua gambar got my face 1! :P

off to berkawan with chemistry! (:


ilovebudu said...

yups.malacca nice place.

Anonymous said...

your boobs has made my cock grow 1 inch bigger

FireWire said...

you should have conquer the whole malacca and grab whatever food you can see LOL

Karena said...

yaa! malacca nice! :D

wahhhh sai mou woh? later bcome fei poh d how? :P