Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not long ago,
went out with the hou ji mui of mine..
ya, Pui Yee, I still remember when I broke up with the Mr. ExBF, I took cab to your place and cried..
wtf, kan? lmao.

We went to Pavilion, again..
Ya I know.. again, right? lol.
don't ask me why, can?

I go there at least once or twice a week..
what to do?
I love their Times Bookstore and Starbucks outlet.
plus it's kinda near my place.. so yeah! (:

I'm younger but I'm her big sis.. lol.

we tried on pinkkkk boxers!

cam-whore in the toilet is a MUST okay?

supposed to teman her to shop but ended up I'm the one who bought lotsa stuffs..
I'm blaming you! Miss Sugarbii! :P

then, we had our chilling session at Lecka Lecka..
if I'm around that area, it's either Carlos or Lecka..
but still, I prefer Carlos larh!
tapi hari tu closed weh! ):

We had our chik chik chak chak session as well. (:

I kinda like this pic thou I look a bit like hantu.. lmao

I'm naked! yeah right..

thanks Mr. Driver for this!

Mr. DriverKiwi was sooooo bored because we're too busy bergossiping!
thus, he took some candid pic of us..

okay larh I admit this one not candid larh.. I posed and asked him to snap 1. LOL

Starhill's toilet is !! (:

马六甲, anyone?


EVo said...

马六甲 when?

wEtwEtwAtEr said...


By your powers combine, I am Captain Whore!


btw, Hi Wei Wei! :P

FireWire said...

bila mao pigi melaka?

Karena said...

[evo & firewire]
ceh im back edi lo! went melaka on sat.. LOL! one day trip la.. n now i lost my voice.. ):

kelvin! LOL! since when u'r the captain? nooo! i've better skills! :P