Wednesday, October 1, 2008

okay, another outdated post..
last Monday,
went to Mamamia Movie Screening at 1 Utama..
thanks Nuffnang, thanks Miao!

my baru bangun face..

I like this pic but it's kinda out of focus.. LOL

we had this small gathering before movie at Burger King..

KarenaKaripop, AndrewMrWong, JosephKiwi and BenjaminMunMun were the earliest one..
time management woiii! :P

29 people/bloggers buka puasa together!

and of course,
bloggers cam-whored bersama-sama!


well, what is going to happen if you hang out with 29 bloggers and most of them own a camera?

candid #1

candid #2

candid #3

candid #4

candid #5

-________- kan?

ahahahahah! xD

group photo!

the whole bunch of us headed to redeem the tickets!

the red/pink shirts gang! :D

bloggers cam-whore and take photo everywhere!
even in the cinema!

Zoe with the Nuffnang badge, SherryMommy and me with the tickets..

spot me?

after the movie,
we went to cari tandas and passed by Paris Hilton..
she has one small stall/booth at Pavilion, too!

and guess what we did?

I've no idea why BenjaminMunMun looked at me when he jumped!

overall, I think the movie not bad larh..
urm, just that, urm, Mr. James Bond, urm, can't sing that well? :P

well, just call this movie the older version of High School Musical!


vincent2903 said...

wow!!! thats really a big group...
it muz be fun to hang out like tis... r those bloggers ur fren? or they are ur blogs frens? get wat i mean ? hahaha!!!

Karena said...

hey vincent!
well, some of them are my blogging frens.. some of them are my frens tat i betul2 kenal la.. LOL

vincent2903 said...

oh.. so its campur campur rojak lar Hahaha!!!

Alice Teh said...

MunMun look at you to follow your beautiful example. LOL.

That's a HUGE group, adik! Wow!...

Karena said...

err? kind of? LOL!

kak alice! i has another pic of us jumping together.. he look at me oso weh.. LOL

huge group rite? LOL

Yap Chee Hong said...

:( aiyo, looks like you guys had funned ...i missed out on that screening...

ooh- and i see shaz in that pic ! :D

Karena said...

[yap chee hong]
yaa weh! we had fun! next time join us tau? den camho giler giler! :P

Ruionkoh said...

wooohooo paris hilton actually appeared in ur blog earlier ahahahaha XD XD