Saturday, October 18, 2008

She's unhappy! ):


Kok said...

Hope you'll get happy soon! Take care there.

FireWire said...

*put ice cream and chocolate on her table*

Charles Key said...

I'munhappy tht u're unhappy.

## + Ken + ## said...

*pass a caramel frapucinno to kari*

happy happy !! XD XD

EVo said...

Ya la charles. take her out for a movie man..u r the bf ma..dun so stingy..

*psst got FREE screening tickets for madagascar 2 man. dun tell ur gf. muahahahahaa faster check it out!*

Karena said...

[kok, firewire, ken]
thanks guys! (:

now im ok edi ma.. :D

apa ni euvengvengveng? come to promote ur blog? LOL