Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sorry larh people!
Karena Cheow Wei Wei is so busy with her revision! *konon*

not long ago,
attended my tak-pernah-jumpa-punyerrr-cousin's wedding..
I wonder why all the relatives always ask and tell us the same thing huhh?

for example,

' Wah girl, you so big girl already ah? the last time I met you hor, you still very short one. Now you so tall already wohhh! '

' When's your daughter's turn to get married? '

wedding dinner is always boring..

ignore the dual-tone, people!

they said they're very nervous.. LOL

since I had my makeup on,
so I cam-whored kao kao at home!
273 photos only larh..
and of course I'm not going to upload all the pic!
3 enough la k? :P

C for Char Siew Charles

do you love me?

of course I do! (:

okay larh, I know I damn vain and perasan..
but he called all the way from L.A. and said he loves me woh!
Edison Chen rox la!


I ♥ Mr. Char Siew! (:

oh, I ♥ Miss Amber Chia Cheow, too!

okay larh people,
I damn random already!

*trying to berkawan with sejarah*


Alice Teh said...

200 over camho pics??? OMGosh... *fainted*

Mr Char Siew very kawaii wor...

FireWire said...

the problem with people is because they are very typical. in order to counter this, we must be prepared to answer them like this (pardon my rudeness):

q: so big liao, when get married?

a: getting older liao, when going inside the casket?

Charles Key said...

Wah, Ah fi kor, u damn hiong hor...
Finally Ah Fi kor and Saewei no need to answer those Q d...but have new Q....When baby huh?LOL...

Anyway dear, u're getting married when u're 19 k...
U tell them yr Mr. BF gonna marry u when u're 19.

vincent2903 said...

those question is STANDARD and FAMOUS question among the families...

WOAH!!! 273 pic in a day!!! already over my entire life cam whore lol...

walau eh... Edison called u wor... syok sendiri... =p

go study lor... wait ur parent pull ur ear hahaha!!!

Charles Key said...

I can't imagine 2 of us together, sure camera explode...LOL

Karena said...

[alice teh]
hahah.. my record is 400+ ! LOL! omg im crazeee! lol

omg fifi! ganas! hahah u dare to say like dis mou?

lol! camho-ing is kinda fun okay? (:
btw, i memang perasan 1.. u tak tau ke? :P

[charles key]
lol 19 ur head! :P

Lynn said...

OMG. 200+ is like a lot!

Simon Seow said...

Parameswara Rocks.

Karena said...

haha lynn! not really! my record is 400+! LOL

[simon seow]
omg man! parameswara urm i think we learn during form 1 1 woh.. omg man! u ingat ah? LOL