Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today's birthday boy:

:: Edison Chen Koon Hei [陈冠希] ::

I love this photo of him because, urm, it's so red!

well, some of you might think that I'm crazy.. Yeah, I'm still in love with him after the scandal thingy.. I still have his faces on my wall. I still call him my husband or hei hei. I still think he's cute.
I like him since standard 5 weh.. 6 years already!

he's forgiven okay? everyone has mistakes, right? (:

I know he only appeared in The Dark Knight for 3 seconds with Morgan Freeman.. but hey, better than nothing, right?
I watched this super long movie for 3 times because of him.. LOL

he's back! Edison Chen is back!

He's back to the spotlight to cooperate with Hsu Chi [舒淇] in shooting a romance movie!
and he's back to business! :D

off to school!


## + Ken + ## said...


ok la ok la... edison rock, happy bday to him.. XD XD

Charles Key said...

I'm planning to long piak...

FireWire said...

i miss him, bring him back! i'm sure he's a changed man now

Karena said...

omg la u! y so fu hin? LOL

err? what is long piak? o.O

yes yes yes! he's coming to my place 2moro! LOL