Sunday, October 5, 2008

went to Cineleisure for Nuffnang House Bunny Premier!
omg the movie damn bimbo!
I suka!

Nuffnang rocks la!
I Nuffnang! (:

before movie,
had dinner at Vivo with KennyAhChoo and WilsonAhChin.

look nice, right?
but it tastes hmmmmm..

after the not-so-satisfied dinner,
headed to Cathay Cineplex to redeem the tickets..
thanks Simon for the tix! (:

and of course,
we had our chik chik chak chak session!
it's a MUST okay?

with WilsonIsAustin, WilsonAhChin and JoshuaYanSoon

oh, Anna was there too! :P

with JamieOhSoFair

AndrewMrWong and ZoeYve




omg! Andrew Wong Cheng Fai cam-golo for the very 1st time!

he always kata ' Tak Nak Cam-whore '

but now............

I love Jamie because,
JamieOhSoFair's camera made me look oh-so-fair..

had mamak session after the movie with the Choo and the Chin..
omg I love bergossip with them!

this is for Shaun!
your roti telur + kari ikan outing fail la wehhh!

I think House Bunny is nice..
a quite girlish movie though..

Eyes are the nipples of the face!


Alice Teh said...

OMG, what a quote at the end of your post! LOL.

Simon Seow said...

You're welcome.

Karena said...

[alice teh]
lol kak alice! tat quote from house bunny 1! LOL

[simon seow]