Tuesday, October 21, 2008

well, ANOTHER outdated post.
aiya, all my posts memang outdated punyerrr.. LOL

not long ago,
watched Eagle Eye at Pavilion with JamieOhSoFair, SimonDaddy, ShaunSheMale, BengHanAhBeng, SandraNanny and the others..

and we had dinner at Dragon-i..

my cam-whore mate..

AhBeng finally appeared!
this guy went M.I.A. for so long already!
always ffk! >.<

I love JamieOhSoFair a.k.a. Liew Sook Mei because,

she cam-whored kao kao with me!

She layan me when I do stupid pose..

She layan me although she's on the phone with her mom..

and, she layan me to take pic with Anna, again! xD

btw guys, ignore my previous post k?
Kari feels better now! (:

哎哟哟! 明天考试了!


EVo said...

味味加油!考完试请你喝茶!雪茶! ^o^

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

ur daddy have some youth spirit. i wonder i will have that when i get older hehe. worried.

Karena said...

euvengveng ah.. its pretty obvious tat u'r not chinese educated.. lol.. u faham pinyin oni kan? lol..

haha my daddy rox okay? n now he's in bangkok.. LOL

Weird and Funny said...

u're so pretty and fotogenic. i think you have talent to be a model..
nice to know you

Karena said...

[weird and funny]
hey there! thanks for the compliment! I'm not tat pretty but I gotta admit that sometimes I'm kinda photogenic.. I always look better in photos.. LOL!

btw, nice to know you, too! (: