Sunday, October 12, 2008

another outdated post!
Don't complain la weh..
Karena Cheow Wei Wei loves outdated post! LOL

so, yeah,
last month, celebrated SimonDaddy's birthday at Sunshine..

'Sunshine is my 3rd home, Simon says.'

the birthday man boy!

BryanSpider, VianOL, WaiSengMickey, JoshuaYanSoon, KelPolarBear and NigelSukaAis were there, too! (:

the pressie from Karipop! :D

Good luck and all the best kepada semua PMR candidates!
加油加油! (:


Kok said...

I'm bloghopping here. You've a great blog. Keep it up!:)

Simon Seow said...

PMR! That is so long ago.

Karena said...

hey kok! thanks! (:

[simon seow]
uh huh? pmr baru start woh?