Sunday, October 26, 2008

another outdated post..
I love to begin my post with these few words..

it was EdmundBigBro's birthday at Sunshine..

they opened 27 bottles of this and being the underage girl, I drank Coke..
believe or not?

the birthday man! :D

SandraNanny was there to take care of me..

dan juga AbangKevin and Carol..

not to mention CheeWeiFortuneTeller for being my driver! (:

who is this?

he's my dad, SimonSo, with his watermark..

Kenapa Kari sangat vain? because my dad is super vain!
check out his blog's header!

Karena Cheow Wei Wei is vain!

oh by the way,
today is Mr. Gideon Yoong Sem Hui's birthday..

Happy Birthday, SFL!! (:

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