Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 days ago,
went to Midvalley for Madagascar 2 : Escape to Affrica movie premier!
thanks Nuffnang! (:

the crowd

met up with WilsonAhChin for dinner then joined the other bloggers at Carls Junior..

sorry Falcon for covering your face..

gosh! we sang the I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT song all the way to the cinema!

now everyone is calling him Paris Hilton.
gosh Rui, I prefer your normal look larh. seriously, I couldn't recognize him when he approached me at the Silent Halloween event.


not too bad larh the movie.. 7/10 perhaps?
I like the penguins part babehh! (:

This movie will be screening in the cinema on 13th of November!
don't jealous because I watched it 9 days earlier! hehe! xD

Let's move it move it!

photos credit to RuiTheParis and EvoEuVengVengVeng!
and thanks Randy for sending me home! (:

I can't wait for next Monday people! 3 more freaking subjects to go!


EVo said...

Karenana na na naa i was just wondering why these pics look so familiar geh!keke.

Ya and right now i'm still staring at ur souvenir on my table.. xD

Karena said...

i got credit u okay? LOL
btw, dun feel like uploading tat camho pic of us la.. i look so pucat la weh.. LOL! blame ur flash! :P

btw tat souvenir expired d? :P

YANZ said...

worth watching in cinema kah?

Karena said...

worth if u love the 1st 1.. but somehow the movie is quite short lo.. (:

Jeffro said...

LOL.. Monday's Gonna SIMPLE like pie! Wootza!
*wonders* how was add maths ei?

Ruionkoh said...

im featured.
It is a nice pic X

Sandra said...

Oh my goodness! Paris Hilton looks good in this picture! kinda cool though! :D

Karena said...

now exam finish d la! get back most of the results d! (: (: (:

damn nice kan tat pic? who is the photographer ah? :P

omg tat guy sure kembang d! lol