Saturday, November 15, 2008

I just came back from the 3rd CharSiew outing with the CharSiew gang..
3 char siew outing in a week!

let me blog bout the 1st CharSiew outing..
we went to Simon Delight @ Paramount to tried out the CharSiew..

the CharSiew tasted like ayam. really.

and the chicken tasted like ayam. yeah.

you know what?
I just feel weird when I upload gambar makanan..
tak biasa lorh.
I prefer gambar manusia though.. (:

GideonSFL, KarenaKaripop, AndrewWongFeiHung, JasonShinChanPop, GraceShinYing & SandraNanny

WaiSengMickey, the naib pengerusi of CharSiew gang.
AndrewWongFeiHung is our pengerusi! :D

by the way, look at my fake shades and belt and his fake tie!

with Crystal!
yay we managed to cam-whored! (:

with Jess..

the kawanbaik of mine who M.I.A. for freaking long finally appeared!

oh, PeiMan was there, too!
I love love love my black hair! because it's so black?

JasonShinChanPop finally sent me the gambar!

I love holiday! (:


Michael Yip said...

There are nicer places for char siews... :p go try the place at Seksyen 17 if you like your charsiew with at least 50% fats!

Karena said...

[mike yip]
agree with u! tat day i went to makan the char siew at salak south n gosh! fcking nice i tell u! the sauce! ahhhhh!
eh u like char siew oso eh? jom next time we char siew sama2! (:

Anonymous said...

Grace: OMG, dik Kari, u have spell my full name wrong

Karena said...

lol! u guys la! tak beritau ur full name! :P