Tuesday, November 25, 2008

last Friday,
had a date with Carolyn a.k.a. BabyMina at Pavilion..

watched Quarantine and gosh!
both of us screamed for 5 times in the cinema!
my first time screaming in the cinema you know?
malu giler la weh.


BabyKrina & BabyMina

after the movie,
we rushed to the entrance of Pavilion for this Astro Battle Ground Dance Competition [舞极限]

Group 1 :

Group 2 :

Group 3 :

Group 4 :

I personally like this group the most!
their facial expressions are PRICELESS!


Group 5 :

Group 6 :

Group 7 :

the DJ

with Marcus, one of the judge

with Thiang Meng

I don't know his name but his makeup damn cool can?

last but not least, the friendly Mr Randolf. (:

♥ ♥

poor PuiYee is now working in this Korean shop and as her kawan baik,
we went to Sungei Wang to visited her..
somehow she kena pranked by Carolyn! [inside story]
hahaha! xD

we prefer our right face. lmao

it's 6.40am now and I'm still awake!


Josh said...

Quarantine that scary meh? XD

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

i wanna take breakdance classes dy ^^ lol. Kinda fun watching, guess its hard doing it.

Karena said...

hahah not really la. but c'mon! we are gurls okay? LOL

lol u serious ah dude? guess u'r going to change ur header soon eh? :P

EVo said...

Kakaka ka...karena! wei seng dun mention also i forgot la..yes it was kari that caused my food poisoning!

So i dun care. U should give me souvenir...instead muahahaha.

Where u stay btw?we shud meet..everytime we c each other its camho then cabut haha.

F.R.E.D.Y said...

Scream in the Cinema? tht's wicked! hahaha.. i wannna do tht too! lolx..

Karena said...

hahah where u stay sin? my place near pavilion n midvalley! lol. btw, where's my souvenir? >.<

lol u sure? jom lets scream together! :D