Monday, November 17, 2008

last Friday was the last day of school!
had lunch with my babe, ZeeYin at Pavilion..
poor Julien is having SPM !
miss you la bitch! ):

bumped into Sabrina and the bf!

we had our chik chik chak chak session in Forever 21's fitting room..
mind you, we're bored!

my babe. my suga. my bitch

Julien Lim Zhen Wei, we miss you!
you better sneak out once you're free! (:

sent her home around 3 then met up with my sister from another mother!

had lunch, again, with Pui Yee at Sushi Station!
she's going to start working on the next day therefore she spent her so called last day of freedom with me! lmao.

why la all my friends so berdikari?!
aiya nevermind larh, let me enjoy my high school life first! :D

my sis. my kawanbaik. my babe

we then had our little chilling session at La Bodega..
The feelings of catching up with each other were soooo great I tell you!
call us the gossip queens! (:

PuiYee said I'm damn childish weh!
because I bought the Hello Panda biscuit!
hahahaha! xD

omg why la I laughed till so 38?!

nah. this is my serious look.



vincent2903 said...

my friend said she envy u.... hahaha!!!

Karena said...

uh huh? asal envy me woh? o.O

vincent2903 said...

she envy u coz u have great body after reading this post hahaha!!!

Karena said...

lol really? hahah. where got la. im still growing. im still 15 remember? (:

vincent2903 said...

lol... ur char siew post i juz post a comment asking whether u r really 15... -.-ll

if u r still growing stage i think u have JLo or Shakira body -.-lll

Karena said...

ahaha where got so kua cheong 1. lol

Tzy Wen said...

no wonder the fitting rooms are always occupied...

Karena said...

[tzy wen]
hahah! aiyo where got la? the forever 21 in pavilion hor, tak de orang 1! :D

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

dont care anyone is looking? hehe. bunch of little models =P