Tuesday, November 18, 2008

not long ago,
went to Cineleisure and watched Quantum of Solace with the bloggers.
thanks Nuffnang and Go Mobile! (:

rating : 5/10?

can you spot me?

before the movie,
they had this Pre-Curtain briefing in the Preview Lounge.
the lounge is so small I tell you!
25 seats only weh!

they're the lucky one who got their seats.

and gosh!
the lounge was damn hot some more!
imagine more than 50 people in this freaking small room?

smart people like us sneaked out from the room to get some fresh air cam-whored!


StanleyOhSoTall, AndrewWongFeiHung, JohnKungFuPanda, Me, KennyAhChoo & WilsonAhChin

AndrewWongFeiHung dressed like WongFeiHung!

cinema without air-cond!
damn damn damn hot can?

oh by the way, can you spot me?

photos credit to Stanley and JeanJean


vincent2903 said...

i spotted u ngek ngek ngek...
bside the blue guy shirt rite...

Hurley said...

lol, the 2nd last photo was taken by moi! =P

Hurley said...

lol, the 2nd last photo was taken by moi! =P

justin_5 said...

ei..i think not the movie not nice make the rating=5/10 la..i is bcoz the room no aircond then make the rating=5/10..hohoho..

justin_5 said...

i think not coz the movie not nice make the rating=5/10 la..it is coz the room no aircond..tat why the movie rating oni 5/10..hohoho.. luckly i didnt submit to go ther..im a guy who sweat alot..if i go ther..hoh.. daym...gonna bathe in sweat..hohoho..

Simon Seow said...

Free sauna :p

Karena said...

udang biru! haha ya woh.. tats me woh! sing muk! :P

Karena said...

haha ya woh.. i like my 'priceless' look! bangga la u! :P

nah not really la.. the movie really not that nice lo if compare to the previous 1. u shud watch it den let me noe k? :P

[simon seow]
lol i dunwan free sauna! lol.
btw the free popcorn not nice oso rite? >.<

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

free stuff doesnt comes perfect eh? =P

Karena said...

yawohhh.. >.<