Saturday, November 22, 2008

okay, another outdated post..
not long ago,
we had our 2nd CharSiew outing with the usual CharSiew gang..

this time we tried the one at Jalan Tung Shin, opposite Jalan Alor..
rating: 7.5/10

the CharSiew tasted fine but tak de sauce woh.. ):


WaiSengMickey, our Naib Pengerusi and AndrewWongFeiHung, our Pengerusi! :P

Meng Kee Char Siew! (:

headed to Redbox to sing k after that..
it was SandraNanny's first time!

my laima! (:

and of course,
we had our chik chik chak chak session!
what else kan?

black+ red, black, red + black, red

sam ling siong tong can?

we went to makan again!
what to do?
our pengerusi loves to eat and yala,
we love to makan also! :P

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spot the Nuffnang badge! (:


shon chong said...

OMG MENG KEE CHAR SIEW is the best so far edi and expansive sumore haha

the char siew gang really eat around malaysia lolz!!respect

Lynn said...

Walao. Go all around KL to find char siew fan eat.

Karena said...

[shon chong]
hahah eh the 1 at salak south taste better than meng kee. tats wat i think la. meng kee is nice but the char siew tak de sauce 1. ):

hahah btw char siew gang rox! :P

hahaha.. char siew sedap ma! :P

## + Ken + ## said...

wah... me hungry now wei.. so wanna eat char siew =X

Karena said...

lol. faster come kl! kari bring u go eat char siew! n of coz, frap caramel! weeeeeeeeee! xD

vincent2903 said...

when u wanna post pic with ur camho gang LOL!!!

Karena said...

aH? my camho gang? =/
i camho with every1 1 woh..

vincent2903 said...

u really 15 years old...

i cant believe u r so young...


## + Ken + ## said...

ei... this sunday morning u free kah ?

芦悦忆芙 said...

i wanna eat CHAR SIEW too.. those photos are so nice..
i always read ur blog n i feel tat ur life is full of joy! wat's ur age?

Karena said...

hahah turning 16 soon! :P

ah? sat or sun woh? i tot u'r going to pavilion on sat? asal now sun? o.O

haha. guess what? im 15 turning 16 soon. i might look mature but im kinda childish. dun judge me by my look. LOL.
if got chance hor, next time we eat char siew sama2 k? :D

芦悦忆芙 said...

u look prettier wit straight hair, i hope u dun mind i say like this..
i hope so, but i live so far~~

Karena said...

huhh? my hair memang straight 1 woh hun. haha just tat sumtime wavy la. (:
hmm where u stay woh?