Friday, November 14, 2008

okay, lets continue my Malacca 1 day trip post..

after makan satay babi,
we went to naik the Menara Taming Sari thingy..
parked the car at the shops areas and once we got down from the car,
we saw a graffiti wall!

we know we have nice ass! :P

we admit we're vain!
we had our chik chik chak chak session!


this is a candid shot actually..
both of us were looking somewhere and someone else snapped this!

JosephKiwi and BryanSpider

somehow my left hand looks kinda cacat

and of course we had group pic..

the pants and the shades and the shoessss!
booo GaryAhKeong for wearing flipflop!

after about 30 minutes of chik chik chak chak session,
all of us headed to Menara Taming Sari.
I don't know why but I think the name very hmmmm..

this pic looks like as if we jumped down from the sky.
we landed successfully but sigh JosephKiwi had no skills..

SandraNanny looks like she's scolding him!

vain people

Caramel's first kiss!

lepas itu,
we went to makan Cendol Durian.
omg damn nice can?

:D :D :D

Vain people eats a lot..
so yeah,
we went to Nadeje Patisserie to makan layered cake.

the layered cake

what's next?

we had another chik chik chak chak session at the beach!

stay tuned tau? (:

off to Murni to yumcha!


horizon said...

wow, i've always wanted to visit Malacca for it's food. hopefully that time will come soon :)

how bout satay celup? hav u tried that?

Lee Meng Yoei said...


Karena said...

satay celup ah? tak sempat to try coz a lot of ppl q-ing! ):

[lee meng yoei]
yes ah pek! gula malacca n durian! wooots!