Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nokia Nuffnang Halloween Rocks!

once upon a time,
an angel named Karena Cheow Wei Wei was lost in the town..

she's alone

she's lost

she's lonely

she stood in front of Pavilion and no one layan her..

she walked around the street and look for someone to teman her..

she bumped into another angel!

the friendly angel named Kel Li brought her to Borneo Baruk Club..

an event was held there..
it's Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween!

she started to cam-whored with everyone! :D

KennyAhChoo and WilsonAhChin from Earth joined her..

SandraNanny, CheeWeiFortuneTeller, JeffJosm, Me, JamieOhSoFair and AlexLooksSoYoung

KennyAhChoo & WilsonAhChin


PamSong Jeh Jeh reminded us it's Silent Halloween and we shouldn't make that much of noise.

spot my name tag!
most of the people pronounced my name wrongly!

so I changed to KARI! (:

SandraNanny, me & CheeWeiFortuneTeller

with ZoeYve and SherryMommy

babe, I love your eyeshadow!


with Robb.
I know I look ugly here larh.. its Halloween! so, shut up!

the angel entered the club..

wow cantiknya!

and it's Malaysia First Silent Dance Party!


a hantu named Yatz appeared and I almost pee my pants!

Karipop and CurryEgg

with Rui's bro

Nigel Sia Ling Wei.
but hor, I always call him Nigel Sia Wei Ling..

Mr. Robert Mcdonald was there, too!

with AlexLooksSoYoung


ThomasYapAhPek! lol

with JamieOhSoFair & DerekStarbucksBoy

spot Rui, the Paris Hilton people!

the angel bumped into a red devil!

with NicholasAhChay..
omg damn matching kan? look at my arms and his face!
and also our dolls!

with MrKlubbKidd

I think I look cute here.. LOL

with AudreyFourFeetNine

with CopyKate & HikaruToiletPaper

damn cool kan my costume?

the lovely couple HsuJen and David!
they look damn secocok kan? (:

aww, another angel! :D

with RingoMarilyn

KennySia zha me my doll!

Lynn was there too!

some balloon game which I tak beri perhatian..

yours truly with AlexLooksSoYoung's daddy's spec! lmao

RingoMarilyn gone wild with the balloons!

SimonJekyll and MrOnionMan!
Jekyll was last year literature character! lol

Yee Hou claimed that he has panjang tangan

WetWetWaterKelvin said AddMaths sap sap sui only woh..

spot ChrisThePhantom!
our form 2 literature character! lol

my yumcha kaki, the Choo and the Chin..

woah so purple!

[his hair, suit and fingernails!]

with CharlieChia

with SheonSpeaksMandarin..

hantu ambil gambar in action!
JamieOhSoFair almost pee her pants weh!

she's not lonely, alone or lost anymore! (:

lepas itu,
she walked all the way back to Pavilion and...


[to those hamsaplou out there, no need to zoom la! tak nampak apa-apa pun!]

after she jumped,
she's back to the reality life!
wow it's 2008 now!

had ice-cream had Lecka-Lecka..

forgive me larh people..
I was kinda bored! :P

by the way,
I made my own costume!
I only spent RM21.90 for everything!

RM10.80 for the hairband, RM9.90 for the blue leggings and RM1.20 for the pins!

not easy to pin tau? lol

I make up for them too!
my liquid eyeliner and lip gloss man!

remember 3 R?
reuse, reduce, recycle! (:

blue and red always remind me of SUPERMAN!

why I pakai blue?

because Nokia and Nuffnang = warna biru!

off to berkawan with Physics and Biology!


curryegg said...

Lol... you call yourself karipop?

Nice meeting you, karipop... hahaha... and I like your outfit!

Harry said...

weii.. nice to see u again lei weii!

tw said...

wow. this is like the first time i get to see a non-overdue post in your blog? XD!!!!

§pinzer said...

how the hell did you manage to take picture with every-single-freaking person there?!?!

crazy la hahahah but was awesome meeting you, you bloody camwhore ;)

陈一豪 said...

AHahah wtf,

panjang tangan makes me seem like imma thief wtf

Karena said...

haha ya! karipop nice ma! but i tak makan karipap 1! :P
btw we met b4 la.. remember satay celup? (:

lol we met lotsa times edi la wei! LOL

lol wtf? is dis a compliment? ahahah! wat la.. i wanna blog dis 1st..cannot meh? :P

nice meeting u too! but we tak camho kan? lol..
well i oni camho with those i kenal la.. i shy le..

[yee hou]
wah chinese name woh.. btw, i sengaja put tat panjang tangan thing weh! LOL! mine oso quite long k? :P

klubbkidd said...

uwaa so formal ah karena. mr klubbkidd? huahuahua

Karena said...

lol formal good ma! hahah xD

klubbkidd said...

aiyo. i know i'm supposed to be dead... but i'm not that old. LOL!

sheon said...

yeah...cant see anything also. hahahahaha!!!

hey, nice seeing you again that nite! i think your costume is really nice. especially the dangling toys...haha.

Jamie said...

so bad i'm not in KL..... this party so damn cool~~~

Karena said...

lol supposed to be dead? but ur tee wrote SURVIVED! lmao

lol omg u really go n zoom ah? LOL! btw, haha yeah nice seeing u agn! n not bad woh.. u still remember tat we have to speak mandarin when we meet! (:

nvm la.. wait for the upcoming event! (:

JunJun-Riko said...

i love ur post.. lots of photo.. me likey.. ^^ finally i feel like i got updated bout the event..

Karena said...

hey hun, thanks! glad u like it! (:

Yap Chee Hong said...

OMG the pics are soo gudddd...especially the one Ringo holding the balloon, look like she's flying into the sky :S

Simon Seow said...

Wei, I'm Black Jack, not Jekyll.

KY said...

no picture with me, so tragic!!! :p

yungchien said...

gurl.. why everytime i pose with u right, i look SO OFF -.-i dun care i wan retake more pictures next time. =P

Anonymous said...

did you and charsiew broke up?!

Karena said...

[yap chee hong]
marilyn gone wild! xD

[simon seow]
lol nvm la.. still cool! (:

haha i dunwan to camho with u lo.. nanti kena spray.. rain konon! :P

lol ok lo.. next time we camhogolo kao kao k? :D

erm yeah we broke up.

EVo said...

What in the world is that thai?kekkekee

KY said...

but but i'm a nice guy!

Karena said...

camho is for girl.. camgolo is for guy... so hor, if boy n girl take pic together = camhogolo!
geng onot? tepuk tangan pls! (:

but but but u spray me! lol
nvm see u on next wed! we camhogolo k? (:

Anonymous said...

aww why?! :(

Jeffro said...

I see my Nokia Bag... O_O

Karena said...

erm long story.. misunderstanding i guess?

haha yala yala! -__-