Tuesday, November 11, 2008

exam is FINALLY over!

merdeka x7! :D

okay, that's my baru bangun face.
I know I look funny but oi, don't laugh!


well, I wanna blog about char siew outing with the char siew gang..
received most of the photos from AndrewWongFeiHung and WaiSengMickey already..
but someone belum send me gambar!
*cough cough*

by the way, I'm going out to makan char siew again!
with the char siew gang! (:

you better send me all the pic if not I'm soooo going to zha you again!

lets post a proper photo of me!

I know I'm vain larh.. :P

off to char siew fan!


Harry said...


wei.. send me camwhore picture!

FireWire said...

eat more char siew, next time you dont even have to find it, you just need to bite yourself LOL

Karena said...

lol which camho pic? halloween or movie outing? lol

lol char siew nice okay? i dun k! LOL! eh btw, tat day i saw u weh!