Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Morning people!
it's 7.21 am now and I'm awake and I feel so healthy. lol

so how did you guys spent your Christmas eve?
I spent mine at Curve, Cineleisure, OldTown Cheras, Genting, Kepong, Sungei Wang, The Gardens and Midvalley with my kawans.
and no, I'm not kidding!

圣诞快乐! (:

had dinner with JosephKiwi, JulienMissJuuu and KevinLooooo.
everywhere was full so we tried out BBQ steamboat at FireMan.

this plate actually comes with pork shoulder and liver but Amen! damn disgusting larh weh so we changed it to meats. ALL MEATS!

enough of meats!
it's chik chik chak chak session! :D

we received this Christmas present from the restaurant.
men fragrance and RM30 voucher.

and us being us

four of us headed to Laundry Bar for some drinking session.
met up with Kevin's friends.
I think there're 10 of us but I didn't take any picture with them. lol

bounce at the floor damn nice can? (:

this is Julien Lim Zhen-Wei, one of my kawan terterterterterbaik.

her mom is a Geography and EST teacher in Pudu Girl School and she's holding Heineken.

kidding larh. her mom is a cool woman and jom auntie! lets go steamboat again! (:

let me show you some candid shot!



Zying came all the way back from Hartamas and of course,
we cam-whored!

this is Leong Zee Yin, another kawan terterterterterbaik of mine!

sorry larh babe! I'm not dead okay?
though sometimes I didn't pick up calls and ffk you.
but you know I still love you as usual, right? (:

three of us! (:

omg Michelle Phoon Yik Chi! Where are you?! I miss you woman! Don't go M.I.A. please!
miss ya truckloads!

Dear Santa, I want a sharper nose please?

this is Jason Ong Ian Kitt! (:

and I bumped into JeanJean!
she looks cantik without make up! (:

myself, Julius, Jason and Julien.

omg why all J?!

this is Joseph Lee Kin Weng

This is Jeremy-I-Don't-Know-His-Full-Name


left Laundry around 12 and headed to Cineleisure for Yes Man.
watched it for the 2nd time but I still laughed wtf.

after Yes Man,
watched Bed Time Stories.
I think it's nice. (:

I spray you, you spray me.

of course I was smart enough to avoid it.
I hate sticky sticky okay?!

manusia sangat mementingkan diri sendiri.

after I spray you, you spray me, then BYE-BYE!

I pity the workers weh. really.

the movie ended around 4 something and Wilson called up for supper.
this time not Murni but Old Town Cheras instead.

520, 302 and 131 are the only things I order in Old Town


'' That time I went to Genting and I saw sunrise. ''
'' Really ah? I want to see! JOM! Lets go Genting! ''
'' You serious? I'm okay with it. ''
'' HAR?! ''
'' Karena! WTF?! '' O.O

so yeah,
the 4 of us drove all the way up to Genting to see sunrise.

ended out nothing comes out and we drove all the way back to KL.
wtf why were we so lifeless and random?



managed to grabbed my all time favourite Frappucino Caramel before chao.

oh that's my baby Caramel on my left hand.
and yes I brought her along. wtf kan?

back to KL around 9 something and StanleyOhSoTall brought us ber-dimsum at Kepong Pasar.

Yes he actually brought us to the market and everyone was starring at me because I was wearing my flora summer dress with my eyeliner. wtf lol.
Worst thing was, all of us looked like zombie!

oi why so serious?! LOL

this is fucuk kan?

ShonChong a.k.a. MrFuCuk please lick your monitor now! :D

Stanley dropped Joseph and me back to Jalan Inai and then the MrDriver drove me to Sungei Wang.
as a good friend,
I brought Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and visited Pui Yee at her shop. (:

selepas itu,
headed to The Gardens for Sushi Zanmai!
gosh I have Zanmai few times a week and what is wrong with me?!
I am so fat already!

bought some Christmas presents at Midvalley and it's snowing!

not real snow larh of course.

I love the green one!

AHHH! I love Starfruit ice-cream from Gelato Fruity.
very the starfruit. lol wtf.

I actually changed my clothes.
bought 2 dresses and changed it in the fitting room. =/

I know this post is getting boring already!
but who cares laaa?
since I'm so semangat to blog. (:

I love Cadbury Zip!
Strawberry flavour damn nice! :D

it's 27th and Jamie Liew is coming back!
weeeee! :D


EVo said...

Fuiyoh karenananaa...u da man la! xD

and what happened to our camo pic?

shon chong said...

waaa.. order fucuk nv order charsiew meh? you got photo of mine edi omg.. someday will revenge la..must go eat charsiew someday wakaka

i at genting too but ciao bout 4am morning lo..i guess coz it rain so too cloudy gua..but nv heard ppl see sunrise at genting b4 lo

Karena said...

euvengvengveng! no no no!
im not the man! im the woman! eh nooooooooo! im the girl! lol omg dunno la anything la. lol

eh dimsum's place got char siew 1 meh? i dunno weh. =/

err my fren said he saw it b4 n took picture b4 but i said i dunwan see gambar n wanna see the real 1.. hmm.. sat mong la weh. lol :P

shon chong said...

but you all really geng o . say naik genting then terus naik!! respect! ha

Lynn said...

walao geng lah you.
Camwhore !

Karena said...

hahah random ma. lol

hahaha! :P

reddishTea said...

weiwei!!!! so happening lar ur xmas ... haha
fun . lol

芦悦忆芙 said...

wow.. u have a nice christmas n also christmas eve. y u didn't celebrate wit ur family?

Stanley said...

Wah waH... Can't see not mine problem woH... I didn't bluff you one lor. :)

☺仪仪☻ said...

dropped by~
hi~i saw the MV's snow performance too!! But i tried so hard to snap a good shot! but cant really saw the snowiie zzzzz=_=''
Hmm,ur camera is good~ most pictures of urs very leng~ kekeke it's a Hp camera or camera?0.o

vincent2903 said...

walao, u can teleport to so many place in a short period....

but i can stay at one place for a very long period hahaha!!!

Karena said...

sese! haha! no la gam ngam got plan ma! (:

hey there! my parents had their own plan. yeah. (:

lol! how i noe woh! >.<
nvm la. next time if got chance we go n see agn la k? :D

hey yiyi!
im using a nikon dSLR right now. (:

udang biru! for example? stay in kl for more than 20 years? lol wtf. haha

vincent2903 said...

hmmm... for example, sitting in fromt of the pc the whole day... hahaha!!!

lame betul tis udang biru...

Ju Ann said...

hi karena! :)

so many places in one day! Haahah fun!

Alice Teh said...

Adik Karena!! I'm back! Sorry so long didn't visit you...


PS: Wah your this post very long. But is nice! :D

Ju Ann said...

so fun! its not often u find friends to go partying overnight like this

LivingSouL said...

Wow, I see so much food! Yum2x... Hehe..

Karena said...

aiyo. udang biru memang lame 1 ma. so its okay. :P

[ju ann]
haha yeah ju ann! holiday mah. have to enjoy enjoy abit. once school starts, have to stay at home n be a good girl edi. :D

[alice teh]
KAK ALICE! omg omg omg long time no see! miss u weh! now cannot see u edi. i left kl edi. ):
take good k of urself over there k? (:

lol. tats y im so fat right now. hahaha!