Friday, December 5, 2008

Karena Cheow Wei Wei is back!
I know I haven't been blogging for a week plus.
busy and lazy larh okay? :D

It's 4am now and guess what?
I slept at 11pm and woke up at 3am.
sometime I sleep around 7am and wake up at 4pm.
OMG kan? =/

woah I've muscle! lol

last week,
went to Pavilion and met up with Kay Yan, the Miss Cukai Jalan and Ikmal Edris, my kawan baik in crime!

the sei cheong hei poh's with her school uniform

we walked all the way to Times Square for bowling..
I sucked in bowling man!

gahh I need a sifu! >.<

the bowling shoes so comel! (:

before we chao,

omg lion king hair! lmao

Gotta reach PY's place around 7.30am.
should I back to oi oi or what?


Pook said...

jumping at public is not allow wei! haha

FireWire said...

screwing up the sleeping pattern is a big sin, your stomach will be angry and your eye bags will haunt you. well, i guess once in a while shouldn't do much harm. hehe.

Karena said...

hu said so? i like to jump mah jump la.. hahaha! as long as im happy! :P
jom lets jump together! :D

eye bags are here edi! >.<

Lynn said...

Hahaha the jump shot doesn't look very real. Like pasted one XD

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

not bad. u can admit yourself, lion king x.x

next to u must be the baboon then? just kidding* hehe

Andrew said...

aiyo!! your cheong hei friend i from my school leh!! hahaha =D MBS prefect eh.. LOL =D

§pinzer said...

hey happy birthday girl ;)

hope you're having fun right now!

desmond-t said...

LOL lion king hair was hilarious wakakakaka...

happy birthday!

desmond-t said...

LOL lion king hair was hilarious...

happy sweet 16!

desmond-t said...

LOL lion king hair was hilarious...

happy sweet 16!

Karena said...

lol macam pasted hor? but not palsu 1 la oi! LOL

ish! >.<
lion king damn yeng can? lol

ya woh mr wong.. from mbs 1. form 6.

tq tq! :D
oi next time makan ajak tau? (:

hilarious but still damn yeng okay?! hahaha.
thanks for the wish!