Sunday, December 7, 2008

Karena Cheow Wei Wei is reporting from Singapore..
I'm here with SandraNanny, GideonSFL, BengHanAhBeng, AndrewMrWong and Andy for a short holiday.

7th December is my birthday and I'm not 15 anymore!
I AM NOW 16! ):
okay larh, birthday kan.
should be (:

I'm not a kid anymore! lmao

oh by the way,
it's AmandaHelmetJeh's birthday as well..
kawan baik kawan baik! (:

weee both of us 16 already!
but why hor, I still sound so childish? lol

sekarang saya berada di rumah Victor.
using his com to blog because I know you guys miss me laa.
damn tak tau malu kan? lol

let me update a simply and short post about my birthday okay?

cupcakes at Bisou with BabyMina

sampat day out with her!
we actually wore the same dress, same shoes and same MNG bag.
okay la the bag different colour la.

celebration @ Tony Roma's

celebration with Alicia Loke

yumcha session with StanleyOhSoTall and WilsonAhChin @ Murni and blew cake in Kiwi's car

I reached home at 5am and woke up at 1pm.
did last minute packing and rushed to Singapore..

♥ the lollipop flowers

took it few hours ago at Eunos's MRT station

Karena Cheow Wei Wei ♥ ♥ ♥ all of the darlyns who wished me!
especially those who wished me at 12.07am.

love you guys! (:

will update more soon.


EVo said...

AH!! who's the lenglui in all the pics?? how come can see all her teeth ady one?? XD

I bet that's ur best birthday prezzie karenanananaaa!

Lynn said...

Heeee. Happy belated b'day!
Can? hahah

Simon Seow said...

Oh, Happy Belated Birthday. You're 16 going on 17th.

ivn said...

oopsie~~ happy be-lated birthday~~~ haha~~~ =D

vincent2903 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Karena a.k.a Camho Goddess

sweet 16 u are now...
if u childish is ok lar, i'm more childish than u... =p

Happy Holiday and Merry Xmas!!! ^^

ChiA XiN said...

0.0 . its my che che's burfday and idk. oh oh.
HAPPY BELATE BURFDAY CHE CHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


awesome. ur burfday on teh 7th of dec right?

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

glad that you had a blast. keep up the spirit ^^

Charlie said...

hey there, happy belated birthday. i was too busy with work, i totally forgotten about your birthday. so sorree. buy you dinner next time k. cheers.

KY said...

wooo 16, less than 1/2 my age already!

Karena said...

euvengvengveng! lol. removed the upper part only la. bawah next month oni remove. (:

can can can! thanks woh hun! (:

[Simon Seow]
thanks man!
ya weh, next year 7th dec I will be 17 d. ):

omg human i miss u truckloads! thanks thanks thanks! (:

thanks udang biru! well childish not bad oso kan? hahaha :P

[chia xin]
thanks for the wish hun! happy belated birthday to u too! (:

thanks! ur face always remind me of ur header. LOL

sure! u owe me dinner! hahahahah!
thanks anyway! (:

ceh, when u're 32 den mai 1/2 of ur age lo! must celebrate tau? lmao

KY said...

unfortunately when i'm 32 u'll be 17.. even less than current ratio!

Karena said...

nah. my bday drop on december so when u'r 32 and im still 16+. boleh la. hahaha

KY said...

ah dang it!