Wednesday, December 24, 2008

last last Friday,
went to Euphoria for Nuffnang Kakiis Night Out.

my teammate, KennyAhChoo and WilsonAhChin

we went there for games, not clubbing.

semangat people q-ing up for games.

what about the not so semangat people like us?
we went outside to makan.
they served some light food and free flow of drinks.

some of the games:

of course we had chik chik chak chak session. (:


Chin & Choo, Firdauz, ChrisTock, Yatz and Melissa

omg why both of you looked so drunk?


then we headed to the VIP room to get our beers.
each of us got this coupon for beer and we must be 18 and above.
well, that night I was 19.
and now I'm back to 16. (:

thanks Edmund and Kelvin for the extras!

yup, EdmundDaiLou was there, too! (:

Richard, Cojack, me, Choo & Chin

Cojack, the brother of PaRUI Hilton.

Kate and Hikaru





Bryan and friends

this is BryanLimYongTiam

CheowCheow and JeanJean


part of the crowd

Murni with my yumcha kaki after that.

Christmas is coming and I'm having PMS.
wtf kan?

Merry Christmas to all my darlyns! (:


e s t a n c u s said...

wahaha.. nice posing girl!! but did u really have to name Bryan Lim with his full name? dam farnee wei.. wakaka

ps. dam nice meeting you ydy.. but was the movie nice? Wakaka

Karena said...

yo marcus! wats ur full name? lol
btw, bryan always complains tat i spell his full name wrongly ma. tats y! :P

btw, nice meeting u too. that movie damn stupid lo. agree?

HitoMi^^ said...


Merry xmas to you too
LOL...was 19 ar???
geng nya..

Anyway I am having PMS now too...sama sama je

Seng Hoo said...

You fake your age! HAHA.
Merry Christmas, KL GIRL :PP

vincent2903 said...

at last u'r back...

didnt see u for quite sometime...

merry christmas, camwhore goddess...


陈一豪 said...

Oi apa ni panjang tangan?

adakah ini mengimplykan bahawa aku pencuri?

Karena said...

haha normally i dun have period cramps 1. its my first time tats y i bising. lol

[seng hoo]
hahah why cannot fake my age? i dun look like my age oso rite? hoho! :P

hohoho! udang biru! same to u! (:
new year pergi mana countdown?

[tan yee hou]
remember the halloween post? u dropped the same comment. LOL
btw sorry for ffking u weh. explain to u later in msn. (:

HitoMi^^ said... no cramps la..but i dislike the sensation of having it flow

Sheng Wang said...

I'm not drunk la... The flash is too bright. Btw nice to know you.

Karena said...

but wat to do, we are girls rite? tats y. hahaha

[sheng wang]
HEY! (:
sorry weh. my bad. lol