Tuesday, December 16, 2008

so yeah,
Sunday was my Juuu, Julien Lim Zhen Wei's 17th birthday..
will blog more bout it soon okay babe?

had dinner at PastaZanmai, Midvalley with the girls.
too bad Zying and PonPon couldn't make it. ):

Rabecca, Klothilda, Juuu, Me, YiQin

had 2nd dinner at TGIF, Pavilion after that..

Kevin and the birthday girl

I love this pic!
stairway to the heaven. something like that.

♥ you hun! (:

not long ago,
Bernard invited me to this Children Charity Christmas Party organized by Starbucks at Times Square..

hanged out with my kawan baiks before the event..
Mr Lee Seng Hoo came all the way from Ipoh to joined us..
yeah right.

had healthy breakfast at U-Village first..

woah. damn healthy can? lol

had a date with Edward Cullen after that..

no larh. watched his movie only. lol

selepas itu,
bergossip and had chik chik chak chak session at SweetChat.

I tak suka sweet chat can?

their service very booooooooooo lorh!

not nice one. ):

PonPon, me, TeyTey

the sampat ipoh boy! :P

the sampat KL girl.
wah 28mm woh. so damn near.

my one and only PA, Eunice Chin Mei Yee! (:

PY, Karena Cheow Wei Wei, SengHoo and Ni C

candid candid

HelmetJeh in the middle!

thank you woh Mr Foo Kah Mun! (:

around 6 something,
headed to Starbucks for the event.

I brought MandaHelmet and RachelTeyTey along with me.
thanks for teman-ing me! (:

they served food, gave us Starbucks goodies bag and frappuccino chocolate cream free flow! :D

majority of the children are orphans..

colouring contest

coffee tasting

I just realize there's a love behind of me. haha

she's Paris. not Paris Hilton but Paris Yap.
at least better than PaRUI Hilton lor hor?

children with their presents..

the not so fat santa claus!

staffs singing Christmas song

me, ShonChong, Puspa, Bernard and Renaye

left around 8 something or 9 something..
tak berapa ingat. =/

group pic with the kawan baiks! (:

I can't stop licking my teeth weh!


renaye said...

meooooooooooooooooooooow. wah now only put up the pictures. :D

Karena said...

renaye! ya weh.. all my post very outdated 1. >.<

Simon Seow said...

Don't tell me. Your right angle is right??

vincent2903 said...

where u gonna go countdown tis year?

Karena said...

[simon seow]
err yeah. =/

curve i think. (: