Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 is not really a good year for me, I think.
truckloads of things happened in just a few hours time and once decision made, I have to follow everything.

I've been crying for 10 days straight since 30th of December.
I hate everything that had happened to me on that day.
because of that,
I cried with my contact lens and my eyes got infected.
wtf wtf wtf.


let's forget about everything.
yours truly is feeling better now I think.
I had a great moment with some of my beloved on new year eve.
what about you? (:

this time we celebrated at Pavilion

my woman

we walked around before countdown and guess what?
we kinda own the Bukit Bintang road.

met JamieOhSoFair and AlexLooksSoYoung and his friends at Kiku Zakura.
their service and Niku Udon sucks!
I miss the niku udon from Sushi Zanmai weh!
sini tiada sushi zanmai! ):

who is willing to da bao and Fed Ex to me? ):

boo! not nice.
so many spring onion and onion some more! >.<

we don't want to bersardine with people and kena spray so yeah,
headed to Carat Club @ Pavilion to countdown.

the crowd in front of Pavilion.

somehow, they look like rubbish to me.
I mean the colour. LOL

hmmm, don't you think so? =/
no offense ya.

ze five of us! (:

we had some drinks over there and yeah,
had some serious talk about our future and our saddest and happiest moments.
and also our most embarrassing moments.

of course,
we had our chik chik chak chak session.
favourite part okay? :D

Kevin Loo and Julien Lim

Karena Cheow and PuiYee Woo

this was a rather stupid moment.
we wanted to pose with 2009 with our hand but we're kinda lack of hand.


still planning

start confusing. LOL

asked help from Kevin

yay! finally we have 2009! :D

damn stupid right?


some sampat moments:

see! Karena Cheow Wei Wei rocks!
she uploads ugly photo of herself to entertain you guys.
lol wtf ahah!

are you starting to get bored of our photo?
sorry to say,
but we have MORE!
boohooooo! :P

remember on Christmas eve we went to Genting and ber-twilight?

the colour of this photo looks like some scene in Twilight right?

so yeah,
this time we ber-Jason Mraz at Joseph's place.


my I-don't-know pose.

I just love to spend time with them especially my kawan terterterterterbaik - Julien.

thanks for the memories! (:

oh by the way,
I didn't take any photo of the fireworks,
so I use my last year's fireworks photo to ganti back.
can ah? lol

the rambutan! :D


芦悦忆芙 said...

i'm the 1st person to leave comment wor..
i love ur photos, really~
y u cry so badly..omg.. >.<

FireWire said...

the rambutan fireworks photo rocks, like some alien invasion LOL btw, you no longer in KL or what? hmm... said...

red wine, fast fast drunk me already :P

Seizhin said...

Take it easy :) Forget the bad things, remember the good things and enjoy what's coming ahead!

Happy New Year to you as well, and take care dear!

Karena said...

hey huney, thanks for concerning. well, just having some problem. now my eyes recover edi. yeah. (;

alien invasion? lol
hmm yea woh. not in kl anymore. =/

har really ah? y la so easy drunk? hahaha

aww thanks sz! (:

Ju Ann said...

hey nice to know you're feeling better now.

you not in kl then where are you now?

Ju Ann said...

hey nice to know you're feeling better now.

you not in kl then where are you now?

Karena said...

[ju ann]
hey hun, im in kota kinabalu, sabah. wtf rite? -____-