Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hey people,
life is getting more complicated over here.

I am starting to miss KL and everyone already!

The government here need 3 freaking days to done all the paper works.
I think I'll be entering my new school on Thursday, perhaps?

I've no new friends here because I'm stuck in the house for the whole day.
thanks God I have Chan Qing Sheng here.
he's staying around Kingfisher and it's kinda near my place.


no matter what,
I am still Karena Cheow Wei Wei.

kari, be tough! (:

note: you don't need to know where am I right now. I wont tell and for those who knows, shhh la k? (:


cojackkoh.com said...

din get ur update yet but no matter how, take care :)

good news is, u've been tagged!

plz see ma blog for more details.. hehe


Anonymous said...

gonna miss u so much !

- ex - jiran aka irwan -


Karena said...

omg u tagged me! boohuu. will do it IF im not lazy la k? :P
thanks anyway! (:

omg wan wan! im sooooo gonna miss u too! take care at vista k? (:

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

really cannot tell?