Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love to eat and I'm lucky enough to have a great bunch of friends who love to eat as well.
few of them brought me to makan a few of my favourite foods before I left.
so nice of them, right? (:

Sushi Zanmai!

my last Niku Udon. ):

my favourite food okay? ):

I just love to hang out with them though I'm like a light bulb to them.


I can finish 3 donuts in 5 minutes time. wtf right?

my favourite shallow fried dumplings / wo tie from Little Taiwan


the lou shh fan there sux!
seriously not nice.

I love the wo tie the most! :D

the other night we headed to Old Town for supper.
24 hours!

had my last supper in KL with both of them.

as usual
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I wanted to eat the brownies from Delicious and some other foods but I was kinda lack of time!
so yeah,
can't wait for this Saturday!

some of the last-dinner-in-KL pic:

KevinLoooo, please take good care of her okay? (:

seriously, I'm missing her already!

oh, she dropped from the ladder few weeks ago and she still couldn't walk.
get well soon weh honey! (:

great, tomorrow is sport day and my d60 is still in the hospital.


vincent2903 said...

we miss you too, miss kari@ goddess ofcamwhore...

EVo said...

Eee...dun buy nikon ady...eee..

EVo said...

eee...dun buy nikon ady..eee...

Stanley said...

last suppper... macam tada tomorrow. LoL :D

Karena said...

haha tq tq! btw im coming back on dis sat! for a week! weee! :D :D :D

eh euvengvengveng, nikon rox okay? just tat i dropped the camera so yeah. (:

i received ur sms but out of credit. lol wtf.
btw, when im back we go bersupper agn okay?! :D

Lynn said...

Be nice in sabah yeah =D

vincent2903 said...

wah!!! welcome back wor...

Happy CNY lor!!! Angpow angpow!!!