Monday, January 12, 2009

not long ago,
we had late seafood dinner at Telok Gong due to the stupid jam at Subang.
we reached there around 9 something I think.

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant

the people:

AhKakGrace, Me, SandraNanny

AndrewWongFeiHung, JoshuaOngYanSoon, ChangLihRenRenRen

Auntie Carol and Kevin joined us, too!


KarenaGamYuPoh and WaiSengGamYuLou

last but not least, CheeWeiFortuneTeller

so yeah,
there were 11 of us and can you guess how many dishes we ordered?

we actually ordered 12 dishes for the 11 of us!
wtf right?

gam heong lala

fried rice

fried vegetables

bamboo clams

gong pou mantis prawn

I love this the most! my favourite! :D

lala mee hon

fried oyster with omelette

gam heong crab

sauced steam fish

this one quite nice also! (:

sour & spicy crab

we ate this with mantou/ bun

fried sotong

okay, this one damn hard can?
not recommended for old people. lol wtf

prawn in coconut

I am missing the one in Thailand. boohuu! ):

I love my shit! LOL

us! (:

I'm going back to KL on 24th for a week!
:D :D :D


vincent2903 said...

wah, come till Telok GOng and eat...

i been there b4 with my ex- boss and customer... ^^

Karena said...

omg udang biru! u damn fast! i just posted like few minutes ago n u comment d. lol wtf. hahah

ya weh. from our place to telok gong quite far. =/

reddishTea said...

wee wee weeeeeeee.
weiwei coming back!

bryanlyt said...

oooh u coming bk wor so fast.... lets all meet up ahaha!

Karena said...

sese! yea im coming back! WEEEEEEEE! :D

for a week oni. u free meh? lol jom we go camho! :D

vincent2903 said...

karena, i loyal reader mah... staring at ur blog 24/7 waiting for new post... LOL!!! can feel my loyalty boh?

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

prawn in coconut! looks tempting =(

Karena said...

lol doh doh yeh la udang biru. u no nid oh si and makan 1 ah? LOL!

come back la u! long time no see u edi weh! ):

vincent2903 said...

i carry my lappie go washroom with me using wireless... haha ^^

Karena said...

wah den ur laptop mah got shit geh smell? lol.