Wednesday, January 14, 2009

first day of school wasn't that bad after all. (:

but I still miss everyone and everything in KL weh.

it's time for outdated post!
let me continue my Malacca road trip post okay?

after having layered cake at Nadeje Patisserie,
Gary drove us to a beach to see sunset.

the tree so nice! (:

This is Karena Cheow Wei Wei

somehow this pic looks like we're going to die or something.

~ friendship ~

and then,
we started to jump!

this is MickeyPhoonWaiSeng

after an hour of screaming and jumping,
we headed to somewhere nearby the beach for Ayam Golek and Roti John.

the roti john

the ayam golek

it's like the Malay style of Kenny Roger. yeah.

after bergolek ayam,
headed to Limbongan for Pak Putra!
the cheese naan there damn damn damn nice! :D

they only open at night, I think.

tandoori chicken with pudina and mint

our TRIPLE cheese naan!

we ate this with curry mutton and butter chicken.

the butter chicken.


the curry mutton.

not bad also! (:

end of Malacca post.
byebye! (:


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

you seem depressed over leaving KL? go back lor??

Alice Teh said...

I hope adik Karena is well wherever you are!

Those food pics look good and the sunset tree very nice weh! :D
Take care ya!

Karena said...

hmmm i have no choice le. must stay here for at least 1 year or sth. holiday can go back kl la. (:

[alice teh]
kak alice! im fine over here i think. thanks for concerning! do take k of urself too! (:

vincent2903 said...

dont worry, goddess...

KL wont run away de, so are your frens, so are your blog readers, and thats apply to me ^^

theguynextdoor said...

i want triple cheese naan

Karena said...

fuyoh udang biru! dai sek! hahah. :D

lol jom lets go melaka agn! :D

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

ooo where r u at? (digging info)

the only thing i would miss most about KL is the FOOD. lolx!

Karena said...

haha kota kinabalu. i noe. wtf rite? lol

ya me too! i miss the food in kl! ): ): ):