Monday, February 9, 2009

[年初二 , 2nd day of Chinese New Year]

gave my kawan terterterterterbaik a surprise and appeared outside her place without informing her.
MissJuuu broke her leg and she's now a temporary O.K.U. (orang kurang upaya). ):
as a best friend of hers,
of course I've to visit her, kan? (:

brought JosephKiwi and ShinChanCrayon along to entertain her.

it's all about Durex and Mandarin orange

yeah, I brought my Durex poker cards along. (:

it's all about visiting my bestie

it's all about gambling

and moved to a larger table

it's all about happiness

it's all about snatching your bestie's money

it's all about taking stupid picture

I'm a great friend isn't it?


left her place around 6 and had dinner with the two mister at Izzi.
3 pastas, 1 pizza, 1 brownies and 3 drinks cost us RM50+.
wtf damn cheap can!

and well,
being Karena Cheow Wei Wei, I forgot all the name of the food.
do I really need to remember it, anyway?
I rather memorize my stupid Sejarah.

[年初三 , 3rd day of Chinese New Year]

this time, I surprised my classmate terterterterterbaik, Ikmal Edris bin Saifuddin.
well, not really a surprise actually.
I did called him up but his fucking phone annoyed me.

guess what?
I called him and he keeps on saying 'What? Apa? Tak Dengar. Tak Dengar!'
I thought his phone cacated but when I reached his place,
he told me that's his voice mail message.

WTF KAN? >.<

Ikmal Edris you sux! but nevermind la, your bitch still loves you. lol

we cam-whored in the toilet and suddenly that mister had this very wtf idea.
he took off his clothes and asked me to take a picture like...


him acting at the back and I acted like as if I was there when he shower.

lame kan?


well, no matter what, you're still my classmate terterterterterbaik! (:

had lunch at The Mines because it's 10 minutes distance from his place and catching up with each other.
I miss bitching around with this bastard weh!

okay, this is me.
I am vain that's why I upload photo of myself randomly.

had dinner at Curve after membeli-belah at Ikea.
don't ask me why I shopped at Ikea.
well, you know, just being random and bought random stuff which I don't really need and pointed at nice furniture and said, 'This is so nice! I want this in my future house!'
lol wtf.

i had pasta for dinner, again!
3 days straight weh.

okay, I think only random and lifeless people like me will do so.
random and lifeless laaaaaaaaaaaa.
bla bla bla.

*start crapping*

this is not me.
I'm not that vain.

okay, maybe I'm really THAT vain.



Lynn said...

OOO Durex playing cards. Notty Notty wtf.

Wa you really won RM100+ ah?

That's One Law said...

How do you get those Durex card and red pocket(maybe white pocket)? Have to buy their products?

Patut la, you and Ikmal on toilet, patut la ready so many durex! Whahaha! Don't make silly game and you will end up... Being 2 people!

Take care!

Karena said...

haha where got notty? hahah. not like im using condom right? its just the card. lol

[that's one law]
well fyi, my mom works in durex and you're from smksp right? how come you dunno bout it la? haiyo. most of the ppl in smksp knows. outdated la u! booo! :P